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 Our main services include breeding, training and selling  french bulldogs. We aquire our sires and dams from several different countries so as to reproduce a variety of characteristics and features of our dogs.  We train the pups from birth till about 10-11 weeks when they are ready to leave for their new homes. We occasionally sell accessories for the pups to reduce cost and expenditure for their buyers.

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Who We Are

We are a small group of breeders specialized in training french bulldog puppies and selling puppy accesories.  We use specialised and experienced training techniques to teach our puppies good behaviour and train them to be the perfect companions for all families dreaming of adopting bulldogs. We specialise on the french bulldog breed  because they are easy to train as they are easy to understand and ineract with. They show a certain level of trust and care but in reteurn they require a lot of attention as they could be stubborn at times. This makes them a special breed and so caring for them and training them has helped us understand more about dogs  and has given us a sense of responsibility towards this amazing creatures.

Your Adventure starts now

Get to know this amazing breed of dogs more and give them a chance to provide you with the pet satisfaction you desire .

Our Team

David Bernard Manager
David Bernard
Jessica Brunne Music Director
Jessica Brunne
Music Director
Jennifer Dunn Counselor
Jennifer Dunn
George Ibran Administration Staff
George Ibran
Administration Staff
John Smith Counselor
John Smith
Samantha Bryn Administration Staff
Samantha Bryn
Administration Staff
Alicia Stone Art Director
Alicia Stone
Art Director
Leznek Podolsky IT Staff
Leznek Podolsky
IT Staff

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